BTTS Betting – Both Teams to Score: League Two

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

The English league fourth tier has the worst record of the top five leagues. They don’t even Make a figure of 54% of the required results. Nevertheless it should prove worthwhile giving the stats a good looking at, as there will always be some worthwhile games to, hopefully, find their way into the “winners enclosure”.
Rochdale are leading the way with 15 BTTS results after 21 games. Bringing up the rear are Bradford and Aldershot with just 8 such results each.

Past results seem to indicate that this league is really about cut and thrust. The impression I get is that goals are not very often the result of good attacking play but come about because of defensive errors. The teams which appear to make fewest mistakes are Gillingham and Fleetwood. They are conceding on average less than a goal a game.
Only Port Vale have an outstanding scoring record. Their 44 goals are at least 5 goals better than any other team.

List of BTTS games after 21 games each.

Both Teams to Score - League Two

Team BTTS Matches
Rochdale 15
Dagenham 13
Wimbledon 13
Plymouth 13
Gillingham 13
Torquay 13
York 12
Bristol R 12
Chesterfield 12
Wycombe 12
Oxford 12
Port Vale 11
Cheltenham 11
Barnet 11
Accrington 11
Northhampton 11
Exeter 11
Rotherham 11
Morecambe 10
Southend 10
Burton 9
Fleetwood 9
Bradford 8
Aldershot 8

Goals breakdown is as follows.

BTTS Goals - statistics League Two

Team Goals GF/GA
Port Vale 67 44/23
Oxford 66 30/36
Rotherham 65 34/31
Northampton 64 34/30
Rochdale 64 24/40
Wimbledon 64 24/40
Bristol R 63 23/40
Exeter 63 31/31
Dagenham 62 33/29
Accrington 58 26/32
Morecambe 58 28/30
Gillingham 57 39/18
Wycombe 57 25/32
Cheltenham 57 30/27
Burton 57 29/28
York 56 26/30
Plymouth 55 25/30
Barnet 54 19/35
Southend 54 33/21
Torquay 53 28/25
Bradford 53 31/22
Chesterfield 51 28/23
Fleetwood 48 28/20
Aldershot 48 16/32

Two sides stand out as far as conceding goals is concerned. Wimbledon and Bristol Rovers. I’ll make them bankers
whenever they are playing away.

Teams worth keeping an eye on are, from a scoring point of view, Port Vale and Gillingham. From a conceding angle,
Wimbledon, Bristol Rovers, and Oxford. Under normal circumstances games including these five teams should be the
first for consideration.

Very often there are shock results to spoil our bets. Often because of something that happens on the field. A red card
to the favourite, especially early in the game, can throw the best laid plans into disarray. The other most likely “spanner
in the works” can often be caused by a late change of personnel. Get the up to date team sheets whenever possible. These
two things alone are very often responsible for the “good thing” being beaten.
Remember, bet responsibly. Good Luck.

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(This article was written on the December 20th by our expert Cyril but our editor was very busy and did not manage to publish until now. Sorry for that!)