BTTS Betting – Both Teams to Score: Conference

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

The Conference is a good place to find games that have goals coming from both teams. It is just a couple of decimal points behind the Championships percentage (65.2). The stats are taken from teams which have played a varying number of matches from 20 to 23. As With all the other leagues we’ve looked at, teams do appear to have on and off days but rarely for too long.
To make comparisons easier, I’ll split the teams according to the number of games played. The final column is BTTS home games from total of home games played.

Both Teams to Score - Conference (23 games played)

Team BTTS Matches BTTS at home
Woking 18 9/11
Tamworth 11 5/12

Both Teams to Score - Conference (22 games played)

Team BTTS Matches BTTS at home
Ebbsfleet 17 9/11
Gateshead 15 6/10
Hyde 15 8/11
Newport 15 7/12
Nuneaton 11 6/11
Kidderminster 10 4/11
Dartford 10 7/11
Grimsby 9 4/11

Both Teams to Score - Conference (21 games played)

Team BTTS Matches BTTS at home
Cambridge 16 7/11
Forest Green 15 9/11
Lincoln 15 8/11
Southport 14 6/10
Stockport 14 8/9
Telford 14 8/11
Barrow 14 7/11
Macclesfield 13 6/11
Luton 13 5/10
Wrexham 12 7/11

Both Teams to Score - Conference (20 games played)

Team BTTS Matches BTTS at home
Mansfield 12 5/11
Braintree 12 7/9
Hereford 12 6/9
Alfreton 12 5/9

A simple bit of arithmatic will give you the figures for the away stats.

Below is each team’s total of goals scored and goals conceded and overall total.

BTTS Goals - statistics Conference

Team Goals GF/GA
Newport 82 50/32
Grimsby 52 36/16
Wrexham 64 42/22
Forest Green 60 36/24
Luton 69 37/32
Dartford 64 35/29
Kidderminster 50 29/21
Mansfield 64 33/31
Macclesfield 68 33/35
Lincoln 67 34/33
Hereford 63 31/32
Woking 87 38/49
Cambridge 79 40/39
Gateshead 57 27/30
Tamworth 57 26/31
Hyde 75 38/37
Alfreton 61 26/35
Braintree 61 26/35
Telford 60 31/29
Stockport 64 30/34
Southport 72 31/41
Ebbsfleet 77 32/45
Nuneaton 67 26/41
Barrow 64 25/39

These stats show that some teams don’t mind conceding so long as they can go down to the other end and score themselves. It doesn’t always work out that way but the spectators are sure of a bit of excitement and a few goals. The teams to avoid include, Grimsby who apper to have a very good defence, Kidderminster, who don’t give too many goals away but don’t find the net too often themselves. Telford and Dartford fit into the same category, too. A little bit of form study in this league should be rewarding to anyone who keeps these stats up to date.

Newport have a good scoring average of 2.27 goals per game. However they are shipping an average of 1.45 goals per game. An ideal team to have on your side for our purposes. Woking, of course, also fit into this niche with 1.65 average for and 2.13 against. There are many ways to turn these stats into a little goldmine. A bit of study and some astute choices. With the Holiday Programme in the offing, remember to get as much info about team selection, injuries and suspensions as possible.

Bet carefully and only with cash you can afford to lose.

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(This article was written on the December 27th by our expert Cyril but our editor was very busy and did not manage to publish until now. Sorry for that!)